I’ve always been in search of the next great adventure or challenge. I love to travel and meet new people from backgrounds and perspectives different than my own. As a kid I was always trying something new but shied away from any sort of activity that required balance or coordination, unless you count jazzercise, which I don’t but the sparkly neon costumes were amazing.  

As an adult, I found myself in a yoga class thinking this will help me relax and stretch so I can get back to the real exercise of running, cycling, lifting weights, anything cardio. I just had all this energy to burn! I kept practicing yoga and found that there was something beyond the exercise, the breathing that could reduce my stress levels, a calm or a clarity that I experienced, in glimmers at first. It felt like a sort of magic.

I got hooked on yoga, it made me feel grounded, sane and able to cope with the rapid fire pace of the city. Before long I made it to my first yoga retreat in Alajuela, Costa Rica – it was a transformative experience, a real marker in my path. I returned back to NYC and suddenly my life started to shift, I left my job to start my own company and started letting go of aspects in my life that were no longer serving me, instead embracing what I loved and what came more naturally.

Yoga is so many things – it is so expansive! – I love the duality of it, the balance of strength and surrender, of physical and spiritual, of power and playfulness. It is my aim to share what I have learned and my love of yoga with my students by balancing proper form and alignment with a sense of ease and fun. It’s a powerful feeling to connect with your breath, your body and the environment around you.

I earned my 200 Hour RYT certification in Vinyasa Flow from Sacred Brooklyn in February 2015.  I have met so many amazing and inspiring people in the yoga community. It really is such a gift.