Yoga [E-RYT 200] | Pilates | Meditation | Body-Energy Work

Yoga for me is the entry point that allows me to be fully embodied – mind, body, spirit –  and connected to source. I believe with every part of my being that it is our purpose to love and support one another to our highest good. In my classes I offer what feels strong and empowering to me: abs and core work with a healthy balance of strengthening and stretching. I like to offer intuitive movement, modifications and alignment cues to create deeper connections between intellect and feeling. I am always in my head, analyzing, thinking...yoga is the one place – teaching and practicing – that I can let the busy brain take a back seat and be fully present in my body. It took me a long time to get over a lot of beliefs that held me back: “I’m not flexible enough,” “I’m not ready”, “It’s not perfect,” “It doesn’t look right,” whatever. It’s only when we are free from distractions and mind clutter, that we can do the real work. My hope is to create a space for play, imagination, strength and joy in class to encourage our most radiant selves to show up.

I teach multiple formats heated and non-heated in studio, corporate or private settings including:

  • BALANCE: Vinyasa, Forrest-inspired, Hatha, Alignment/Foundations

  • STABILITY: Pilates Mat, Pilates-inspired Movement, Core Fundamentals

  • MINDFULNESS: Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Reiki


Qualifications / Certifications

  • 5-day CEU Hands-On Assists for Yoga Teacher led by Jambo Dragon Yoga, London, England – June 2019

  • Core Pilates Mat Certification at Kinected, Kelly Kane School, New York, NY – May 2019 (Full Comprehensive Equipment Certification in Process)

  • 5-day CEU Advanced [Forrest Yoga] Training including Cranial Sacral Therapy Techniques and Yoga Anatomy with Jambo Truong & Abby Dobbs – Washington, DC – March 2019

  • Core Muscle Anatomy for Pilates at Kinected Kelly Kane School, New York, NY – February 2019

  • Meditation Training 10-hr with Ally Bogard at The Studio [Katonah Yoga] – October 2018

  • Reiki Level I & II – New York, NY – June 2018

  • 3-day CEU Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Mona Anand – ISHTA Yoga, New York, NY – November 2017

  • Pilates Reformer 1 Balanced Body – McLean, VA – June 2017

  • 5-day CEU Advanced [Forrest Yoga] Immersion Program with Jambo Truong – Washington, DC – April 2017

  • Pilates Mat 1 Balanced Body – Columbia, MD – November 2016

  • Pre-certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, ProDoula – Annapolis, MD – July 2016

  • Experienced Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 200, Yoga Alliance Certified – Sacred Studio, Brooklyn, NY – February 2015

  • B.A. in English, Minor in Literary & Cultural Studies, The College of William & Mary – Williamsburg, VA – May 2004

Additional Training

  • Working with the Four Directions with Jerusha Rone – Washington, DC – September 2017

  • Shakti-inspired Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Intensive with April Puciata – Washington, DC – June 2016

  • Anatomy and Sequencing with Abby Dobbs – Washington, DC – April 2016

  • The Design of Forrest Yoga: Trauma Informed with Heidi Sormaz PhD – Washington, DC – February 2016

  • Intro to Thai Yoga Massage with Renée Rice – New York, NY – June 2015

  • Hands-On Assisting for Teachers with Denise Hopkins – New York, NY – May 2015 & April 2018

Registrations / Insurance

  • Yoga Alliance Member since April 2015

  • Liability Insurance via Yoga Alliance, Alliant YogaPro Insurance for Yoga Instruction

  • First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

Affiliated Studios or Organizations

  • Department of State, SEC, VIDA Fitness, Kali Yoga (now DBY) Studio, Sacred Studio Brooklyn, YES Studio, Bend & Bloom, The C3 method, Sunset Yoga BK, That Yoga Class (co-founder of pop up NYC studio)

  • Assistant teacher trainer for Yoga Alliance RYT 200-hr education program at Sacred Studio, Brooklyn

Fun Fact

  • In addition to teaching yoga, Pilates, and mindfulness, I also own and operate a brand consulting business offering brand strategy, positioning, copywriting and creative direction services. To learn more please visit kellyaberry.com.

To get in touch please email me at berry.kelly@gmail.com or use the form below. I look forward to connecting!

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