What Clients Say About Working with Kelly:

Hands on assists! My work with Kelly has been an incredible journey. She is seasoned and gifted in both asana and anatomy. I learn with each session more about the effectiveness of yoga postures and my my own posture and movement patterns and potentials. Kelly has the gift of intuitive sight, working with her feels as if she understands through x-ray vision what’s happening on the internals of my physical body. She can see the minutiae of both the tension and release as well as presence of breath as it travels through my body. Kelly runs a beautiful healing energy in her hands in assist, her touch is gentle and kind and also refined in pressure and ability to read and rewire the memory of the fascia. My body fires up and releases with a combination of activations as well as pointed adjustments. These assisted adjustment awaken my body’s intelligence to self-correct from holding patterns and injury. Her work helps me bring love and release to misalignments that I’ve been carrying for years. I can feel a gentle restructuring and more Life-force moving to my body after every session. Working with her educates me about how to deepen in my practice off the mat as well. Our private sessions offer a me a deeper foundation to my relationship with Yoga and a renewed commitment to my practice.🧘🏽‍♀️
— Elizabeth Trainer, multi-disciplinary Artist and Lightworker
Kelly’s guidance is focused, specific and deeply profound. She has helped me to access and awaken core engagement in parts of my body that I didn’t know were asleep. She has recognised a physical limitation in my left shoulder and is guiding me through rehabilitation - something that years of Chiro, Physio and Osteo work had never come as close to solving. This newfound alignment and power Kelly has helped me build has not only transformed my practice, but transferred into my life off the mat (... and constantly inspire my own yoga teachings). Kelly’s wonderous and present intensity creates a safe space to play, converse and build. She uses touch, breathwork and detailed verbal cueing to guide the physical body into new awareness. Kelly is not only a talent teacher and healer, she is kind and compassionate from the inside out - I look forward to every session.
— Iliana Contos, Yin Yoga Teacher & Reiki Healer
Kelly has such a powerful, positive presence that the practice is more of a communion with a co-worker that makes the work-day lighter and more meaningful, she is a teacher. I have been practicing since 1997 and have learned helpful pose techniques from (dare I say) near 100+ teachers. Kelly is the only teacher who remained “in-my-head” – consistently – while I practice with other instructors. My practice is more deliberative, as a result and transitions between poses are done with what I believe is a steadier pace. Kelly seems to understand how to bring calm/peace to the room so that the practice becomes more of an oasis than simple a lunch break vinyasa exercise. Pulling off that trick in an overcrowded conference room requires good deal of energy and that is something that Kelly exudes.
— Paul, Department of State Yogi
After a couple of weeks of going to Kelly’s classes she has overcome my expectations. Her classes are challenging and simultaneously fun, and she maintains a very positive atmosphere. And not to mention, my core is torn apart after every class!
— Tani, Architect and Core Connoisseur
I felt very supported and well-led by Kelly throughout our session. She brings such confidence without charging, offering instruction – through a challenging series of abdominal work – in a really purposeful and grounded way. It felt a lot like we were going on a journey together. There was a non-verbal communication throughout our session allowing me to get lost in the breath and fully uptake each pose and transition. And the Cranial Sacral Therapy was so good! I felt like I’d just taken a hit of morphine! That is the “let go”, when you’re just fully at peace.
— Laura Guinnane, Yoga Teacher RYT 300 & Bodyworker
Kelly’s core instruction has made my practice so much stronger. She’s the best!
— Brendan Baker, Radio Personality and Composer
Kelly’s classes have been some of the best I’ve taken – she’s great at matching the class to the energy of the room and continually encouraging breathwork throughout the class.
— A, YES Yogi
Kelly has something really special, a real ability to see what’s going on anatomically, emotionally and wrap it all up into an amazing yoga session that stays with us for days.
— Elana Moore