Private Yoga | Pilates | Meditation Sessions

Private sessions are tailored for the individual and allow for specialized instruction at a depth not offered in a group class setting. If a new client, we'll begin with a brief consultation to address your specific needs and goals to create a session designed just for you. I work with all levels of students and always work in a foundational way. We'll address alignment, muscle activation, breathing techniques, purpose and intent of various yoga postures and/or Pilates movements. Sessions may also be tailored to address physical or emotional imbalances which could be presenting as low back pain, tightness in hips, neck sensitivity. Together we'll create a session that will allow you to cultivate and build the tools to build strength, improve posture, flexibility, circulation, and calm the nervous system in a yoga practice.

All one hour one-on-one and/or duet sessions may be booked at:

  • My studio located one block from the Bedford-Nostrand stop on the G train at the corner of Greene and Franklin Avenues in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Your home, office or private gym. If coming to you, I recommend bringing your own mat, two blocks, and a strap to the session.

Corporate Classes & Special Events

For over three years I led weekly yoga classes at the US Department of State and the SEC in addition to corporate offices throughout the DC area including the AARP, American Office, Teknion showrooms, among others. I have also led the Washington Mystics team in restorative yoga practices and demoed Yoga in the Outfield for the Washington Nationals. Corporate yoga is an excellent way to offer your colleagues the benefits of yoga in a workplace setting and encourage healthy habits of mindfulness, breathing, and exercises of strength and stretching. Students are encouraged to bring mats and comfortable clothing, however, mindful breathing and gentle movements are another way to access a state of calm in a busy work atmosphere. 

Small group sessions can be held at your office conference room or a comfortable dedicated space, and booked for regular weekly classes or as needed for special events. Modalities offered include guided meditations, yoga and Pilates group sessions. Please inquire for custom events.

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